More Republican Idiocy

Posted on Thursday 30 March 2006

Apparently, the Bush regime, the Republican Party and their supporters don’t have any idea of what is ethical or moral behavior. The party of the Moral Majority seems to have no bounds to the depths of unethical and stupid behaviour that they will stoop.

Telemarketing Firm Official Indicted in Phone Jamming Case

It isn’t enough that the Republican party lies, cheats, steals, and is otherwise corrupt, but they have to make crank calls to the Democrats. IT Security has an article on how Charles McGee, the former Executive Director of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee and three others, including James Tobin, former New England Regional Chairman of the Republican National Committee have been involved in making harassing phone calls to five telephone numbers associated with the New Hampshire Democratic Party and one number associated with the Manchester Professional Firefighters Association on Election Day, November 5, 2002.

Homeland Security to Make Threat Advisories More Confusing

Homeland Stupidity has an article about how Republican Rob Simmons of Connecticut has introduced two bills which may make the threat advisories published by the Department of Homeland InSecurity less understandable. From the Homeland Stupidity article:

H.R. 5001, the Homeland Security Information Sharing Enhancement Act of 2006, will require the Department of Homeland Security, when it issues threat advisories, to “limit the scope of each advisory and alert to a specific region, locality, or economic sector believed to be at risk” and not to “use color designations as the exclusive means of specifying the homeland security threat conditions that are the subject of the advisory or alert.”

The color-coded threat advisory system isn’t going away; instead, threat advisories are going to be a lot more targeted, but potentially a lot more confusing to those who receive them.

It also rearranges the bureaucratic deck chairs to try to provide for better information sharing with state, local and tribal officials, along with its companion bill, H.R. 5002, the Homeland Security Information Sharing Partnerships Act of 2006, which would create a whole new bureaucracy called the State, Local, and Tribal Information Fusion Center Initiative. Under this initiative, the new DHS bureaucracy will coordinate with state, local and tribal information fusion centers. Confused yet? I’m not even quite sure what an information fusion center is. Somebody want to tell me what that’s all about?

A good article to read, in light of DHS and the two proposed bills is Bruce Schneier’s “How Long Can the Country Stay Scared?” It discusses how the Bush regime is using the threat of Terrorism to consolidate its political power. I’ve discussed this Bush regime tactic before. My favorite quote from Schneier’s article:

The DHS’s incessant warnings against any and every possible method of terrorist attack has nothing to do with security, and everything to do with politics. In 2002, Republican strategist Karl Rove instructed Republican legislators to make terrorism the mainstay of their campaign. Study after study has shown that Americans worried about terrorism are more likely to vote Republican. Strength in the face of the terrorist threat is the basis of Bush’s reelection campaign.

Using Traffic Tickets to Intimidate

An article over at Hammer of Truth points out how some police are trying to intimidate anti-Bush sentiments using traffic tickets.

A woman was pulled over and ticketed for having a “lewd bumper sticker”. The bumper sticker in question reads “I’m tired of all the BUSHIT.” Apparently, the Bush supporters don’t have a problem with free speech, as long as it is the kind of speech they support. Last I checked, the First Amendment was still a part of the laws that govern this country.

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