Bad Journalism

Posted on Thursday 30 March 2006

Forbes has an article on the ten most polluted cities in the United States. In their slide show of the ten cities they mention US highways.

Unfortunately, the idiots editors over at Forbes don’t seem to realize that there is a difference between US highways, like US Route 1—which are the old federal highways, and the Interstate Highways, like Interstate 95 which parallels US Route 1 for most of its length. The Interstate Highway system was developed as part of a national defense strategy. This is a careless mistake for a publication of their stature to make.

The two highway systems use different numbering schema. The old US system numbers the highways from the Northeast to the Southwest, the new Interstate system numbers them from the Southwest to the Northeast. Both use odd number for roads running north-to-south and even numbers for roads running east-to-west. Interstate 5, which is the lowest number that I know of, is located running up California to Washington, while US 1, runs from Key West to Maine. Interstate 90 runs from Boston, Massachusetts, to Seattle, Washington.

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