Republican Fraud Fundraising

Posted on Wednesday 22 March 2006

Fake IRS EnvelopeApparently, the GOP has decided to use deception as one of its fundraising tactics. Jim, over at the Irregular Times received a piece of mail that looks a lot like an IRS official envelope, shown above.

Inside the envelope, which was marked: “Form 1163 (2006) Return Enclosed” was a letter that read: “Your immediate attention is required on a confidential and time-sensitive matter.” Instead, upon closer examination, he found it was a fundraising letter from Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole.

Apparently, the Republican parties have no problem using a widely-despised tactic from the junkmail houses—sending something that can easily be mistaken to be an official document, in order to get money from the public. Magazines are often guilty of sending something that looks much like an invoice, which is really a subscription request. This is actually worse, as it appears to be a government document from the much dreaded IRS.

This is very disturbing, on so many levels. The moral corruption and lack of ethics in the Republican party apparently knows no limits.

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