Lucky Steve

Posted on Thursday 2 March 2006

Steve is a golf fanatic. He produces a local cable television golf show.

This week, he got to live a serious golfer’s dream… a chance to play with golf with Tiger Woods in a Pro-Am tournament in Florida. Here’s the interview with him on a local TV station. They don’t mention in the story is that he is married to a producer at the local television station, which is something they should have mentioned for full disclosure.

Update: In the 11 broadcast, they mentioned that he is married to a colleague and how that was one of the reasons he was interviewed.

1 Comment for 'Lucky Steve'

    March 3, 2006 | 11:01 am

    How different golf is from sailing. In golf you think it’s a big deal to sail with Tiger Woods. But if you race sailboats you can compete against the best in the world at almost any major championship.

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