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Over at Dear Elena, there is an article on identification, and it set me to thinking about who I am. As my life has progressed, who I am has changed. During my life, I’ve had two identities which have really defined who I am. The first is when I was a child, I was always […]

More Republican Idiocy

Apparently, the Bush regime, the Republican Party and their supporters don’t have any idea of what is ethical or moral behavior. The party of the Moral Majority seems to have no bounds to the depths of unethical and stupid behaviour that they will stoop. Telemarketing Firm Official Indicted in Phone Jamming Case It isn’t enough […]

Bad Journalism

Forbes has an article on the ten most polluted cities in the United States. In their slide show of the ten cities they mention US highways. Unfortunately, the idiots editors over at Forbes don’t seem to realize that there is a difference between US highways, like US Route 1—which are the old federal highways, and […]

Telstar vs. Corsair

A reader recently asked me about what are the real price differences between the Telstar and Corsair F28 and F31. So I repeated the exercise I did last year, and I’ve just gone to the Lavida Starships website to use the Corsair price calculator and this is what I’ve come up with. The boats are […]

Boats and Paperwork

Well, I’m spending this week getting paperwork done for commissioning the Pretty Gee. USCG documentation, boat insurance, FCC ship’s station license, FCC restricted radio operator license, MMSI, EPIRB registration, trailer registration and insurance are all part of the required paperwork for getting her ready. USCG Documentation I’ve decided to apply for USCG documentation rather than […]

Some More Miscellany

Here are a collection of stories from recent news. The stories include security scares in Florida and Pennsylvania , pre-emptive law enforcement in Texas, more NSA civil rights violations, Ohio town stupidity, and more Bush corruption. Domestic Terror Scares In Pittsburgh, PA, a local worker caused a terrorism scare. A two-hour long disruption was caused […]

Sailing Destinations 2006

With the sailing season quickly coming up, and the boat about to come up from Annapolis—I’ve been thinking about places I want to sail to this year. Where do you want to sail?

Hello Kitty

Just got these photos of the lettering for the Pretty Gee. The lettering and logos were created and put on the boat by Brendon Brandon, of Designs & Signs. I’m very happy with the results. This is the boat’s name and logo on the starboard ama of the boat. This is the boat’s name and […]

Different Types of Sailors

I’ve been thinking about the different kind of sailors I know. There are racing sailors, lake sailors, day sailors, coastal cruisers, and bluewater sailors. There are the new sailors, casual sailors, and life-long sailors. There are dinghy sailors, keelboat sailors and multihull sailors. I think Tillerman is a dinghy sailor, who loves Lasers. Carol Anne […]

Bluewater vs. Coastal Cruising

Recently, a friend of mine asked me what were the differences between bluewater sailing and coastal cruising, and which was safer. I thought about it for a while, and this is what I told him. Bluewater sailing is very different from coastal cruising. Here are some of my thoughts on some of those differences. Communications: […]

Republican Fraud Fundraising

Apparently, the GOP has decided to use deception as one of its fundraising tactics. Jim, over at the Irregular Times received a piece of mail that looks a lot like an IRS official envelope. This is very disturbing, on so many levels. The moral corruption and lack of ethics in the Republican party apparently knows no limits.

Cold Water Safety

Two final pieces of gear I’ve decided to order—based on what I learned at the Safety at Sea seminar—are a drysuit and a new PFD. Even though it will be warmer when the sailing season arrives here in April, the water is still cold enough that hypothermia is a serious concern. Both of these help […]

2006 Sailing Season Approaches

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It is mid-March, and the sailing season in New England is fast approaching. I will be sailing in about two weeks. I’m hoping to get Pretty Gee in the water during the first week of April. Right now, I plan on driving down to Annapolis the first week of April to hold a christening ceremony, […]

Poverty and the Bush Regime

I recently received an e-mail which states that the Bush regime is spending money at the rate of $1 billion every eight hours and twenty minutes. This means that Bu$hco is spending a little over $33,000 per second. This is over twice the $16,090 poverty-level income for a family of three—per second. This wouldn’t be […]

Safety Gear for Sailing

After attending the Safety At Sea seminar this past weekend—I decided that a few new items in the way of sailing safety gear would be wise. I decided to get a Jordan Series Drogue, another inflatable PFD, and a boom brake.

Electrical System on Telstar #334

I was over at Performance Cruising today. I went there to take a look at Telstar hull #334—my Telstar. Here’s a photo of her sister ship, hull #321, out on a demonstration sail back in December of last year. The guy in the blue jacket, on the port side of the cockpit, is Tony Smith, […]

Telstar #334

Today, I got a chance to see Telstar #334 for the first time. Telstar #334 is my boat, the Pretty Gee. While she’s not yet complete—about 66% of the way done—I did get a chance to take a look inside the cabin and sit in the cockpit. It is strange, all these months I’ve had my boat on order, it really hadn’t sunk in that she was going to be here soon. Being able to sit on the settee in the main cabin and to sit in the cockpit changed all of that for me.

Quote of the Day for 2006 March 12

I pray we are still a young and courageous nation, that we have not grown so old and so fat and so prosperous that all we can think about is to sit back with our arms around our money bags. If we choose to do that I have no doubt that the smoldering fires will […]

Safety At Sea Seminar, Day 2

The second day of the seminar was much lighter. It consisted of just two sessions. The first was on medical training and preparation for the Newport-to-Bermuda Race. This was a very good foundation for any bluewater passagemaking. The second session, which was on Race Planning and Routing. This sessioin is very specifically focussed on the […]

Safety At Sea Seminar, Day 1

The curriculum for the Safety At Sea seminar is pretty intense. They have a lot to pack into the first day. These seminars are a requirement for many of the major sailing races. They are also a good foundation for any sailor looking to make bluewater passages. The first day covered the following subjects: Crew […]

Out and About

Today, I’m driving down to Newport, Rhode Island, to attend a Safety At Sea seminar this weekend. The seminar is being hosted by the Cruising Club of America. I’ve heard that the seminars give a pretty good foundation of information for bluewater passages. This particular seminar is the one approved for the 2006 Newport to […]

More on Telstar #334

Well, I’ve just gotten off the phone with Brenden, from Designs & Signs. They’re going to be doing the lettering for the boat name and home port for me. I’ve also asked them to include a graphic of a kitty cat on the boat, next to the boat’s name. This is the image I’ve sent […]

Mac OSX Security

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Recently, there was an article from ZDNet about how a Mac was “hacked” in a mere thirty minutes. Much was made about how insecure Mac OS X is because of this article. However, one very important fact that was never mentioned in the ZDNet Wintel propaganda article was that the person who “hacked” the machine […]

Mac vs. Wintel

Here is a different take on the Mac vs. Wintel debate. Winn Schwartau, a noted computer security consultant, switched last year, and this article from Network World is his conclusion on the true total cost of ownership of a Mac vs. a Wintel-based PC. Going above and beyond Selected by five Network World contributors, these […]

Telstar 28 #334

I just finalized the details on my Telstar 28. Here are some facts on my Telstar 28, Pretty Gee.

Censorship and the Bush Regime

Wonkette has an article on her blog about the censorship that the Bush regime which affects what our troops deployed in Iraq can see on the web. Of interest and what is extremely suspicious are what sights are being allowed, versus which sites are being blocked.

Sailing and Politics

You would think that sailors shouldn’t be affected by politics from a state that has no coastline. Granted, Pennsylvania does have a major port in Philadelphia, but that is on a river, not the ocean. Pennsylvania’s Senator Rick Santorum has proposed closing down public access to NOAA and the NOAA provided weather information, including the […]

More Disturbing Developments

This is a collection of disturbing developments. Some point towards increasing fascism under neo-conservatives, and others point out continuing incompetence in the new regime.

Things Must Be Getting Bad

I read quite a few blogs, and Tim Bray, over at ongoing, generally doesn’t comment on politics or the “War Against Fundamentalism”. His recent post Political Wisdom leads me to believe things are getting pretty bad. Tim says: Like I’ve said before, I was in favor of taking down Saddam. But the crumbling tower of […]

MacBook Pro: The Switch to Intel

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I recently sold my 15” 1.67 GHz G4 PowerBook to my friend for her daughter to use. Then I went and purchased a MacBook Pro. Yes, I know… I keep warning people about purchasing Rev. A hardware, but I am generally bad at taking much of my own advice. Photoshop, running under Rosetta is significantly slower on my MacBook Pro than it was on the PowerBook. The MacBook Pro is fully loaded, with 2GB of RAM and a 2 GHz Intel Duo processor, so the fact that Photoshop is slow is very telling. These are my current thoughts on Apple’s switch to Intel-based computers.