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Posted on Wednesday 22 February 2006

More stories I would like my readers to know about, but not worthy of a full post.

Corporate Greed

AOL has seen fit to screw over its loyal dialup customers. Now dialup customers will pay the same price for their service as AOL’s broadband customers do, increasing their monthly fee to $25.90. AOL has done this to try and encourage its customer base to switch to broadband. However, they fail to realize that many of their customers either can’t get broadband, due to it not being available at their physical location, or use AOL’s service because they travel extensively. The full story on this can be read at

Advanced Phishing Techniques

A recent scam involving the Mountain America Credit Union out of Salt Lake City, Utah, has upped the bar on phishing scams. The e-mails that were sent out in the Mountain America scam directed people to a website that had a valid SSL certificate. The certificate even had a link to a ChoicePoint unique identifier, which is supposed to give you more information about the company. The certificate was issued by GeoTrust, a division of Equifax, the giant credit bureau. Somewhere along the lines, both ChoicePoint and GeoTrust seem to have dropped the ball on authenticating the applicants for the SSL-certificate. More on this at the

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