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Posted on Sunday 19 February 2006

Here are a series of stories that I thought were worth reading, but I don’t believe warrant a post of their own. Some are related to previous posts, and I will try to link them back to the related posts.

Religion of Peace Revisited

There is an editorial in the New York Post, which you can read here. Again, we should take a look and see if it is realistic to consider Islam a “Religion of Peace”. My previous posts on Islam as a “Religion of Peace” and the Danish editorial cartoons of Mohammed have more information. Thanks to KipEsquire, over at A Stitch In Haste for the link to the editorial.

More Government Corruption

There is an article about California State Controller, Democrat Steve Westly over at the San Francisco Chronicle’s SFGate.com website. It raises some questions about how he was able to profit from stock trades he made during the dot-com boom. The pattern of his trades strongly resemble those of someone using a banned stock-manipulation scheme called laddering. Granted, most of the government corruption stories I have posted thus far are related to the Republican party and the rampant cronyism in the Bush regime, as seen in here, here, and here.

Toyota Prius Parks Itself

There’s a neat video of a Toyota Prius which can parallel park itself, located here. Pretty nifty use of various technologies to make something some people have difficulties with much easier. My guess is that the system also measures the space to make sure that the car will fit before attempting to park.

More Useless Homeland Security

There are stories in the news about Houston Police Chief wanting to put surveillance cameras up in private buildings; DHS asking bus drivers to watch for elementary school-aged terrorists, and library security guards trying to ban pornography in Maryland. I don’t see how any of these really add to the security of the United States. I do see how all of them are patently ridiculous and a waste of tax-payers money as well as infringing on the few remaining civil liberties we have under the Bush regime.

iPods and Olympians

Apparently, Apple is getting a lot of free publicity for its iconic MP3 player, the iPod. They are being used by many of the athletes over in Torino. Good story about this from the Baltimore Sun which also lists some of the music being listened to by some of our Olympians. I’ve written about the invasion of the iPod people here, and how Dell went up against the iPod and lost here.

More on Fascism

There’s an interesting survey over at this website called the F-Scale. It measures how authoritarian you are in your beliefs based on a series of questions. Personally, I scored A 3.166666, which is described as “You are disciplined but tolerant; a true American.” I’d agree with that. My original post on Fascism—American Style is located here. Also, I was recently given a link to reports of the Bush regime working to eliminate the power of organized labor. This was the one defining characteristic of fascism I did not have information on with respect to the Exalted Despot, King George. You can read it here.

That’s all for now…

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