Truth and the Bush Regime

Posted on Saturday 18 February 2006

Apparently, the Bush regime has been caught out in another cover-up. There is an article on the ABC News website about discrepancies in the Vice President’s account of what actually happened earlier in the week, when Whittington was shot by Dick Cheney.

The ABC article points out discrepancies in who is actually at fault for the accident, whether alcohol was present, how seriously Mr. Whittington was injured, whether Dick had the proper licenses for the hunt, and how information regarding the accident was released.

The earlier stories seem to have the blame squarely on Mr. Whittington. Only after quite some time had passed, does Cheney admit the shooting was his fault. When it comes right down to it, Dick Cheney was the man who aimed the shotgun at Mr. Whittington, and then pulled the trigger.

The earlier stories deny that any alcohol was present. As the stories evolve, the public is told that alcohol may have been present, but that Dick Cheney—a known alcoholic with several DUI’s on his record—didn’t drink. Then the public is finally told that Dick had been drinking. Is that why the police weren’t allowed to interview Dick Cheney until the next morning—in order to give him time to sober up?

Initially, the reports said that Mr. Whittington wasn’t injured seriously. As it turns out, some of the pellets penetrated his heart, and caused his subsequent heart attack. When a gunshot damages someone’s heart, that is usually considered a fairly serious injury, not the superficial wounding that was originally reported.

Initially, it was reported that both hunters were licensed for the hunt. It turns out that Dick Cheney, even with all of his staff working to get him set up for the hunt, was missing a $7 upland game stamp. Yet, in spite of seriously wounding his hunting partner, Dick isn’t even fined for hunting illegally.

The fact that not even the White House knew what happened is not surprising. Given how many lies the Bush regime tells on a daily basis, it is a wonder that they know anything at all.

There is also an article and video which clearly disputes Cheney’s statement about where Whittington was when Cheney accidentally shot him. It appears, from the research demonstrated in the video, that the Dick was only 15-to-18 feet from Mr. Whittington, rather than the 30 yards originally claimed. There is a huge difference between someone being five-to-six-yards away and thirty yards.

Apparently, there is nothing the Bush regime can tell the truth about. If the Bush administration is going to such lengths to cover up a simple hunting accident, one must really ask what else are they covering up, and to what lengths are they willing to go to do so? It would seem that the TRUTH is one of the casualties of the Bush regime’s “War on Fundamentalism”.

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