Republican Corruption

Posted on Friday 17 February 2006

The Republican Party has gotten rid of Tom DeLay, in the fears that someone tainted by money laundering charges, and who embodies corruption and other ethical problems may reflect negatively on the party in the upcoming elections. There is a good article on his replacement, John Boehner, and some of his past activities over at Spot-On.

Boehner really isn’t much of an improvement over Tom DeLay when it comes to questionable behavior. His ties to Sallie Mae and the Tobacco lobby should raise serious doubts about how strong are Mr. Boehner’s ethics.

The recent events surrounding Vice President Dick Cheney, and his accidental shooting of Harry Whittington also raises some questions.

  • Why has Cheney’s inability to distinguish an 170 lb. man wearing an orange vest from an 8-inch long game bird not been questioned?
  • Also, why was Cheney not questioned until the morning after the shooting—why wasn’t Cheney questioned immediately?
  • Did his staff need that much time to destroy evidence or for Cheney to sober up?
  • Why was Cheney was allowed to slide on the missing upland game bird stamp, paying only the $7 fee, with no penalty?
  • Isn’t it the responsibility of the hunter to get the appropriate permits?—why are tax dollars being used to pay his staff to do this?

As some hunters have pointed out, it is very likely, had they gone hunting without the $7 stamp for hunting upland game birds, they would have been fined or worse. It is also quite unlikely that a private citizen would be given any time between a shooting and being questioned by the authorities. Some interesting points raised about the Cheney shooting at this site.

Also, please note that Dick Cheney has never really taken full responsibility for the shooting upon himself. Most accounts have blamed Whittington for the shooting to some degree or another. Whittington did not aim the gun or pull the trigger, Cheney did.

George W. Bush isn’t free of blame either. White House officials have denied that George knew Jack Abramhoff, or that the two had ever met. Yet, there are photographs of Abramhoff, Bush, and the Kickapoo Tribe chief, one of Abramhoff’s clients. The Bush administration has also seen fit to give tax credits to the same casino clients of Jack Abramhoff following Hurricane Katrina as seen in this Washington Post article.

Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security is paying their goons officers to visit people who disapprove of the Bush regime and harass them. In The Boise Weekly, there is an article about a federal employee, Dwight Scarbrough, who was visited by two DHS officers because of the bumper stickers displayed on his truck. The Constitution and Bill of Rights still govern the land today, despite what GWB thinks, and political speech is particularly well-protected under them, but here were two goons trying to tell him that anti-war bumper stickers were illegal to have on his vehicle since it was parked on a federal parking lot. Scarbrough is an employee at the federal facility where his truck was parked. Why are tax-dollars being used to intimidate law-abiding citizens?

Just in case you think the corruption is a recent thing in the Bush regime, here is a good example of Republican corruption from the very beginning of the Bush regime. Katherine Harris, the former Secretary of State for Florida, worked on George W. Bush’s Presidential campaign in 2000. Was it appropriate for her to decide on what should happen with the recount in the 2000 Presidential Election? Ethically, the proper thing to do, would have been to recuse herself and allow an independent, impartial party to make the decision, based on the rule of law, rather than on her personal loyalties to the Bush campaign.

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