A Sane Response to Terrorism

Posted on Friday 10 February 2006

Wandering the internet, I came across an article with an excellent and sane response to terrorists and terrorism. America could learn alot from this. My thanks to Emergent Chaos for the link. I highly recommend that you read the article.

Terrorism, at least in the United States, is not the constant, ever-present threat that the Bush regime makes it out to be. The Bush regime is not interested in promoting the security of the American public, but in taking advantage of the insecurity of the American people to further their own agenda and to gather power to themselves. The Bush regime raises the threat level to manipulate the public, with little, if any, regard to whether an actual threat exists.

The current clamor over the prevention of an attack on the Library Tower building in Los Angeles, by the same people who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks is being used as a smokescreen to draw attention from and to justify the illegal and unconstitutional warrantless wiretaps authorized by GWB. Did the warrantless wiretaps have anything to do with thwarting the Library Tower attack? Very unlikely, as the Bush regime is strangely silent on that point. If they NSA wiretaps had helped prevent the Library Tower attack, I think GWB would be announcing it to further justify his bad acts.

As it stands right now, you stand a much better chance of being killed by a drunk driver than you do of dying in a terrorist attack. In the United States, in 2004, 16,694 people died from alcohol-related car accidents. How many died from terrorist attacks? But you don’t see the people cowering in fear of drunk drivers. Terrorism is far scarier than drunk driving only because it is so uncommon.

What to do? Good question. How should you let terrorism affect your life?

You should live your lives, as far as it is possible, with very little difference from before the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and since. By doing so, you will deny the terrorists the victory of affecting your lives in any meaningful way.

You should not fear people because of the color of their skin, their country of origin, or the faith they practice, but take them and judge them on their actions and behavior as individuals. You probably have as many home-grown nutcases as there are foreign-born ones.

You should not fear air travel, or travel to foreign countries, at least so far as that is possible. Travel to places where the danger is obvious, like Iran, Iraq, the Middle East, and other areas with known risks should be avoided.

Accept people from other nations, other backgrounds, other races or other religions, based on their actions—not the descriptions of strangers you’ve seen in the news, and of people you’ve never met. You might be surprised by how much things change if you do this.

Don’t let your friends, family, neighbors, or government treat people differently, solely based on their religion, race or country of origin. Every religion, race and country has both good people and bad. Any generalization you make is bound to be very wrong.

Don’t let your government take away the freedom to express yourself, to believe what you want, or live without fear. The government is made up of ordinary people, like you or me, and they are no more likely to be right than anyone else. If the government has an agenda, then they are far more likely to be wrong than not.

Fundamentalist religions want to control your life and tell you what you are allowed to think, believe, or do. It doesn’t really seem to matter if the religion is based in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or something else. Fundamentalists want to control you—and in that, they are no better than the secular dictators and fascists—except that they think have religion on their side.

Many fundamentalist religious groups are but a tiny, if vocal, minority of their religion. You shouldn’t allow these vocal, and often violent, minorities dictate the actions or beliefs of the majority. If you allow a vocal and violent minority to speak for you, then you are guilty of implicitly approving what they say or do, and should be treated as such.

Fear is the ally of the terrorist. Fear is the ally of the bully, the dictator and the fascist. Don’t show your fear, for in most cases, there really isn’t all that much to be afraid of. Don’t let your leaders tell you who to fear, and why you should fear them. This applies to both civil and religious leaders.

Ignorance and apathy are terror’s allies. Care about something—anything—but care. Open your eyes, your hearts and your minds and really learn about the world around you.

Truth, grace, compassion, and knowledge are terror and fear’s mortal enemies—make them a part of your life. There is more good in the world than you can see at first glance—much of it is hidden in the little nooks and corners, where you may not initially look for it. The ugliness is usually far easier to see, and far more visible.

Much of this, I learned from my wife, before the attacks on September 11, 2001, during My Life with Gee. At the time, the enemy wasn’t terrorists—but cancer.

4 Comments for 'A Sane Response to Terrorism'

    David E. Harris
    February 12, 2006 | 8:08 am

    The Bush Regime would love for us to believe that there is a terrorist at every airport, in every city, around every corner. That our neighbor is a terrorist, etc. But terrorism doesn’t need to be an act of violence. Terrorism is anything that a person, group, etc does to create fear, panic, or destruction among the masses. So if you take that into account. The Bush Regime are the biggest terrorists in the world. They keep the American public in fear that the terrorists are everywhere.

    February 12, 2006 | 9:03 am

    Unfortunate but true… I’d have to agree, that governments, especially fascist ones, are equally capable of terrorism.

    August 13, 2006 | 12:29 pm

    […] A much more sane response to terrorist attacks is one that was written about here. I wrote about this post previously, here. Bruce Schneier has a good op-ed piece on how we should be dealing with terrorism in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune. He concludes: “And if you want to know what you can do to help? Don’t be terrorized. They terrorize more of us if they kill some of us, but the dead are beside the point. If we give in to fear, the terrorists achieve their goal even if they were arrested. If we refuse to be terrorized, then they lose — even if their attacks succeed.” […]

    April 19, 2007 | 11:27 pm

    […] while back, I wrote about one of the more sane responses to terrorism—you can read that post here. Why should we help the criminals and the terrorists achieve their goals? I think the media in this […]

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