Another Take On Islam

Posted on Monday 6 February 2006

Over at the Badgerlife Journal, there’s an article with another view of the editorial cartoons of Mohammed and Islam. I’ll quote the article here.

The Islamic community isn’t bothered by seeing an innocent person getting his head cut off, isn’t bothered by the bombings in Spain, isn’t bothered by the commuter train bombings in London, isn’t bothered by the homocide bombers in Israel. But publish a few cartoons of Mohammed and the entire Muslim world erupts in rage.

What is there left to say about the morality of this group, the utter lack of civility? They are truly the barbarians at the gates of civilization.

If the Moslem community doesn’t feel that they need to do anything about the fundamentalist fanatics… then why should the rest of the world respect the Moslem community, or treat them as other than the irrational supporters of terrorism that they are becoming in fact.

While I do not believe that most Moslems are irrational or evil—the lack of any widespread condemnation of the actions of the terrorists, and the general over-reaction of the Moslem community as a whole to the relatively harmless editorial cartoons, which were pointedly accurate in some cases, make me wonder about Islam as a religion as a whole.

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