More Conservative Stupidity

Posted on Wednesday 1 February 2006

I just read an article over at Hammer of Truth which shows more Republican conservative stupidity. Oklahoma Republican State Representative Lisa J. Billy has proposed a bill that would redefine nudity and sex; favor certain businesses over less morally acceptable ones; and limit the First Amendment rights of those less morally acceptable businesses.

Her definition of nudity, as taken from the bill, would be:

“State of nudity” means any bare exposure of the skin located on the body of a person below the armpits and above the knees.

Her definition of sexually-oriented material would be:

“Sexually-oriented materials” means any textual, pictorial, or three-dimensional material that depicts nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or sadomasochistic abuse…

and her definition of a sexually-oriented business would be:

“Sexually-oriented business” means any business which offers its patrons goods of which a substantial portion are sexually-oriented materials. Any business where more than ten percent (10%) of display space is used for sexually-oriented materials shall be presumed to be a sexually-oriented business;

Of course, I don’t think that Rep. Billy has taken any time to think about what exactly her bill may result in. If the law passes, then wearing most summer clothes, be it shorts, mini-skirts, or swimwear could result in public nudity charges. Hmmm.. I don’t think the fashion industry is going to like this… either are most women I know… or men for that matter. Most of the clothes people wear for physical activities like bicycling, working out at the gym, tennis, and golf could be a problem too.

Her definition of sexually-oriented materials makes many common businesses, like bookstores, very likely to become classified as a sexually-oriented business. Any book or magazine that has a passage that even mentions nudity or sex becomes sexually-oriented material. The nudity definition makes most photographs used in advertising sexually-oriented materials.

Are the conservatives really this out of touch with reality…and really this stupid and irrational? It would appear they are.

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