Gore and Clinton: Two Different Takes on Democracy

Posted on Friday 20 January 2006

The Irregular Times blog, one of my regulars, has an excellent analysis on the differences between Al Gore and Hillary Clinton’s take on democracy and the actions of the Bush Administration. You can read the whole article here. I’ve quoted the conclusion below. It is one that I strongly agree with.

Whereas Al Gore’s speech shows a respect for the American voter, Hillary Clinton’s speech remains a disturbing mystery for those of us who were not lucky enough to hear her in person. Apparently, what Senator Clinton said was strong enough to provoke a vigorous reaction from the right wing. Republican-allied media screeched about Senator Clinton’s speech almost immediately – as they did in response to Al Gore’s speech.

Senator Clinton’s reaction to this criticism is troubling. It appears that, in response to right wing protests, Hillary Clinton has held her strong criticisms of George W. Bush tightly to her chest. In effect, Clinton has let the right wing media shut her up.

Why? If George W. Bush is truly treating the Congress like a plantation, if Bush’s presidency is really so bad that it will go down in history as one of the worst ever, then it is the responsibility of Hillary Clinton, as a United States Senator, to oppose the Bush Administration with every ounce of energy in her body. It is her responsibility not to withdraw and hide when the going gets tough. It is her responsibility to speak the truth about what the Bush Administration is doing in a loud, public voice without hesitation or regret, so that the citizens she represents can act in defense of their liberty.

In the aftermath of her speech this week, Hillary Clinton acted like a presidential candidate, afraid to offend anybody.

Throughout his own speech this week, Al Gore acted like a president, dignified, strong, and more interested in the welfare of the nation than in his own political career.

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