Republicans and War

Posted on Tuesday 17 January 2006

Apparently, the Republicans really don’t care if our troops die in Iraq or Afghanistan. Our troops have been told that they may not qualify for the $400,000 SGLI life insurance policy if they are KIA wearing non-government issue body armor, as seen in this story.

Nevermind that the government has had problems supplying enough armor for our troops, or that the non-government issue armor is considered by most to be better than the lighter, less effective armor the government has been issuing. The fact that the soldiers paid for the better body armor personally doesn’t matter either.

The Army and Marines refuse to comment on the problems that have occurred with the Interceptor OTV body armor, which is standard issue for troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, DefenseWatch recently released a Marine Corps report that determined almost 80% of the 401 Marines killed in Iraq between April 2004 and June 2005 might have survived if the armor they were wearing was more effective.

Many soldiers and Marines have bought DragonSkin armor, using their own money due to the lack of body armor in many of the areas of operation. The DragonSkin armor appears to provide greater protection and greater mobility than the standard issue Interceptor OTV. The Interceptor OTV armor is not capable of stopping a rifle round without a large plate insert. The large ceramic plates are fairly brittle and can easily be damaged if dropped. There is an article about DragonSkin armor at

However, they are now being prohibited from using their non-government-issue DragonSkin armor, even though it offers greater protection than the standard issue armor. Apparently, this restriction does not apply to the generals in Afghanistan, nine of whom are currently using the DragonSkin armor.

Some things I’d be very interested in seeing. Who owns the company that makes the Interceptor OTV armor. How many of the major stockholders are Republicans?

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