The Art of Looking

Posted on Friday 13 January 2006

One blog I read regularly is Stay of Execution, which I would highly recommend. I’ve only recently discovered her blog, and one of her posts was quite on topic for me. Look Closer–It’s Beautiful is a post on the art of looking. One of the comments leads to an article on Art Wolfe’s book, Vanishing Act, about animals and nature’s use of camouflage.

The art of looking, and seeing what is really out there, is fairly rare among most people today. As a photographer, I try to see the uncommon in the most common of things. I like to try and see what is hidden among the obvious—what is really below the surface. It is far too easy to stop at just seeing what is apparent at first glance, and dismissing it out of hand.

I also try to see below the surface when it comes to people as well. Sometimes to see clearly, you have to look past what is really obvious. My friend Brad honored me when he said I was someone who never saw his crutches. I’ve written about this previously, and you can read about it here.

Unfortunately, over the past year, I haven’t had enough time for my photography. I am doing something about this now. Soon, I’ll be posting some of my work as a photographer, and I hope you will comment on it as it appears.

One more thing about the author of Stay of Execution. I especially like how the author describes herself: I’m a writer, a sailor, an extrovert, a recovering lawyer, and an insatiably curious woman living in Portland, Maine.

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    May 22, 2006 | 4:52 pm

    Looking forward to those pictures…

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