E-Bay Fraud

Posted on Tuesday 10 January 2006

Should eBay be responsible for fraud committed through their services. I think they should be. My reasoning is this. They profit from even the fraudulent transactions. They should be responsible for vetting the people who use their services, both buyers and sellers, and should take responsibility when their vetting of users fails.

This is pretty much the same reasoning I have for banks and other financial institutions being responsible for the damages caused by new accounts opened in cases of identity theft. Isn’t it the responsibility of the bank or financial institution to make sure that they are in fact giving money, credit or services to the person that they think is applying for it.

I’ve written about this previously, in my posts here, here, here, and here. Of course, today’s rant on corporate responsibility is due to the post here. I hope the FBI nails the bastards…I believe that this is a federal crime because it involves interstate communications… but I could be wrong.

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