Above the Law?

Posted on Sunday 8 January 2006

No one is above the law. Even if GWB thinks he and the Republican leadership should be, they aren’t. The Republicans have been caught out doing quite a bit that is ethically and legally questionable. Look at how much of the Republican leadership is currently under investigation or indictment at the moment.

If Bill Clinton can have impeachment proceedings opened against him for having a consensual sexual relationship with a consenting adult of legal majority… then I don’t see why George W. Bush shouldn’t be impeached for a far greater, and far more illegal act of illegal, unconstitutional search and seizure.

If the Republican leadership doesn’t see why they should open impeachment proceedings, then they too believe that GWB should be above the law. The actions of GWB are not in question. He has admitted to authorizing the illegal wiretaps. This is a fact. The illegality of them is not in question, as far as I can see, as the Constitutional rights of American citizens has been breached. Even Congress, via the non-partisan Congressional Research Service, has stated that his actions are illegal as you can read in this blog.

Impeachment hearings are the next logical, and legally required step as far as I see it.

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