Invasion of the iPod People

Posted on Friday 19 August 2005

This morning, I took the MBTA, Boston’s extensive subway system, into town. I had a few errands I had to run down at the harbor. I was on the Green Line and noticed that many of the trains had a running series of ads for the Apple iPod on the exterior. The even stranger part was how many of the passengers seemed to have them as well.

From my count, on the D Line train I was on this morning, twenty five people on the train, at various times, had iPods. Now the count may be off a bit, as some of the iPod owners had taken the suggestion from what has happened in New York, and are no longer using the noticeable white earbuds—as it reduces the chances of being mugged for the iPod. This was just on one train, inbound for most of the length of the D Line, and I can’t say whether it was just an oddity to have so many iPod users on a single train.

I guess, in the twelve years since I lived here, Boston has been invaded by the iPod people. I can’t really say anything, as it was only by chance that I didn’t have mine with me this morning. The iPod has definitely made an impact on society today. It has changed many of the ways we do things….and added a soundtrack to our lives so to speak. One of the most interesting things I saw this morning, was when a pretty young woman, a dancer by her appearance and build, took out her iPod to use the shiny chrome back as a mirror to check her makeup… I guess Apple has come a long way in five years.

On my way back out of town, one of the other passengers, a pretty woman named Stephanie, who is studying dentistry over at Tufts, and I had both commented on the how many iPod users there were.

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