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And the heavens wept…

The weather the past few days has been pretty strange. It has been unseasonably cool for Virginia in August, and much rainier than is usually the case. We’ve got green grass here in Virginia. Normally, by this time of year, the grass is dead and brown without some serious lawn watering. Earlier in the week, […]

Invasion of the iPod People

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Boston has appeared to be invaded by iPod People

Our Tax Dollars at Work

Today, on my way over to see a client, I saw something that made me laugh. In Canton, right on Neponset Street, there is a Dunkin’ Donuts shop. In New England, Dunkin’ Donuts is the local 800-pound gorilla of donut shops—they’re based in Rhode Island. The shop is relatively new, as it wasn’t there last […]

Telstar 28 Revisited

Once again I was in Annapolis, over at Performance Cruising. I had a few questions about the Telstar 28, and wanted to discuss them with Tony Smith. Tony and I talked for the better part of an hour and I was able to get a lot of my questions answered. I’ve changed my previous blog entry to reflect some of our discussion results.

Sailing a Telstar 28

This morning, I went over to Annapolis to take a look at a sailboat. The Telstar 28 is a trailerable trimaran that is made in Annapolis by Performance Cruising. It was designed by Tony Smith, and its design takes elements from both his Gemini catamaran and his older Telstar trimaran.

Moving On—Part IV

Well, I’m in Virginia again for a bit. I got down here on Saturday…what a drive…New York traffic was really bad, with over an hour-long delay on the GW bridge. On Sunday, I met with my realtor, and I signed a contract for the sale of our home…I’m still not 100% about selling the place […]