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Moving On—Part III

Well, I’m up in Boston for a bit. Drove up this morning…UGH, what a drive. The George Washington Bridge was backed up 80-85 minutes or so when I got to it, so I bailed on I-95 and took the Palisades Parkway up to NY 9W in Fishkill and grabbed I-84 east to I-90. Originally, this […]

Denver’s Dog Slaughter

I am outraged. Apparently Denver has just passed a law that makes owning a “pit bull” illegal. This law gives the city the right to seize and kill dogs based, not on bad acts or behavior, but purely on their appearance.

Moving On—Part II

Today, I’m waiting for a truck to show up. It is pickup day for me. PODS is sending a truck to pickup the POD that I’ve had sitting in my driveway for most of the last year. A lot has happened since I decided to move. The whole moving process has been one difficult. As I said previously, when I originally bought this place, I had planned on raising a family here. Now, I am leaving the first real home I’ve ever had. This weekend, I’m heading up to New England, to return to where I grew up.

Security: Perception vs. Reality

Yet again, the United States is doing something for the sake of doing something, rather than something that may actually affect the war on terrorism. In this case, I’m talking about the decision to conduct random searches of people in New York’s MTA system… The random searches are far more likely to infringe on the civil and constitutional rights of the majority of the public than it ever is likely to capture a terrorist on a suicide mission. Worse than that, the government seems to be saying that this is a security measure that will help prevent the kind of attacks that happened in London…giving a false sense of security.

Profiling and Terrorism

Profiling doesn’t work, except to alienate a significant segment of the population we should want on our side. If Americans start profiling people based on their appearance, then we will alienate that demographic profile, and that may lead to more fertile recruiting for terrorist organizations than would otherwise be possible. Profiling for young Islamic males […]

Preserving Civil Rights Under the Threat of Terrorism

How to preserve your Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure under the random searches being conducted by the NYC MTA police.

London Bombings and the War on Terrorism

This morning, when I woke up, the news about the terrorist bombings in London was on NPR. This attack leads me to believe that in spite of everything George W. Bush says about the war on terrorism, Al Qaeda is doing well. In many ways, George W. Bush has become one of the best recruiting motivations for Islamic fundamentalists. Osama bin Laden said that the United States would attack and invade an Islamic oil-rich country and occupy it. Unfortunately, George W. Bush has done exactly that with Iraq. The invasion of Iraq was not justified in many ways, and the reasons that George W. Bush gave for doing so have proven to be mostly false or greatly exaggerated.