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Preventing Drunk Driving Deaths

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Nearly 40 percent of all traffic fatalities are caused by drunk driving accidents. An estimated 16,654 people were killed due to drunk drivers last year alone….over five times the number killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Isn’t it about time the government stepped in and did something about these highly preventable deaths.

Mac Mania

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Just recently, several high profile people have switched to the Macintosh computer as their primary work platform. These switchers have caused the Mac to become a high-profile issue, as the reasons they are switching involve security issues on the the Windows platform. They are tired of the problems and maintenance associated with working on a Windows-based platform.

Sounds Like Home

There are some things in your life that remind you of home. For some, it is the scent of baking bread, for others it is the sound of dogs barking, and for others it is the smell of salt on the wind blowing in from the ocean. For me, the first time I really ever had something that reminded me of home was a voice.

Cars and Computers

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Enough is enough… technology is great…but there has to be a limit to it. When technology starts making our lives more complicated and less livable, I think then the technology has gone too far.