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Most people don’t understand the power of commitment. This is a story about my My Life with Gee, and how our commitment to each other affected us.

Politics and Life

The GOP has decided to revisit the case surrounding Terri Schiavo. I understand Michael Schiavo’s position and have to wonder why the GOP is interfering in a private matter.

Data Collection Fallout

( News andSecurity andTech )

With all of the recent news involving large companies and consumer data, state legislators appear to be having knee-jerk reactions to the data industry’s problems. Recent data security breaches at Bank of America, T-Mobile, Lexis-Nexis, ChoicePoint, PayMaxx, DSW Shoe Warehouse, and others, have made consumer data collection and protection a very hot subject for legislators.

CD Migration

( Tech andThoughts )

How do you migrate a large collection of music from CDs to a digital music archive.

Consumer Data

It appears that Congress has finally taken note of the problems caused by the consumer data companies, and their apparent inability to properly protect the data they profit from. Because modern information is not a physical, tangible resource— and the “theft” of data doesn’t generally deprive the collectors and sellers of data of the ability to sell the “stolen” data—there is no real “business” incentive for the companies to protect the data. Likewise, since data is not a physical resource—there is no incentive for the company to maintain any standards of quality and purity of the product.

Imitation as Flattery

( Stupidity andTech )

Apple’s iPod shuffle receives the highest form of flattery—imitation.

IDF Afraid of Magicians?

Bruce Schneier has a post about the Israeli Defense Force and Dungeons and Dragons.

WiFi Security: A Primer

( Security andTech )

A basic primer on WiFi network security precautions by a network engineer with over 20 years of IT experience.

Corporate Disloyalty

A few weeks ago, I heard a sad story about the lack of corporate loyalty—about the actions of a national bank towards one of its customers.

ChoicePoint Update

Apparently, ChoicePoint has decided not to fully investigate what data may have been sold to their bogus customers.

Physical Security

( News andSecurity andTech )

As any good Network Administrator knows, the first line of defense in any network is physical security. The good locks we thought were providing us with that security may not be very secure.

Becoming a Broadband Backwater

Somehow the United States has become a broadband backwater. America has gone from a position of technology leadership to a non-contender in many ways. Lawrence Lessig has a great podcast about how the telecommunications lobby has managed to protect its near-monopoly on broadband through new legislation. The article mentions how 14 states have passed laws forbidding the local governments from providing high-speed internet access. The truly sad part of the story is how the telecommunications companies have spent $1 billion dollars lobbying to pass these laws.

Life With Gee

It is hard to believe that a woman I met a little over six years ago, and that I knew for only 23 months and one day, could have changed my life in so many ways. If you asked me whether it was worth it… if I would do it all again… knowing that I would lose her after such a short time together… or to make the choice to never have known her… I would not change a thing I did.