No Better Things To Do?

Posted on Tuesday 22 February 2005

Animal activists for years have claimed that lobsters are in agony when being cooked, and that dropping one in a pot of boiling water is tantamount to torture.

When I saw this article on CNN’s website, I had to read it. As I was reading it, I was asking myself, “Don’t these scientists have something better to do?”

Now, the story is kind of funny for me, as I’ve seen some bizarre things happen when people try to cook lobsters for the very first time. But then again, I grew up in New England, so my experience with lobsters is probably a bit wider than most non-New Englanders.

Growing up in New England, lobster was always a treat in the summer. I have to admit I’ve been a bit of a snob when it comes to seafood. You get very spoiled growing up in New England, where the seafood is only a few hours off the back of the boat most of the time.

The entire article is available here. I will grant that the more intelligent animals should be granted consideration, such as dolphins, whales, apes, and monkeys. I also think that we should be concerned with those we’ve domesticated to serve us: cats, dogs, cows, and horses. But lobsters are not among the animals that I’d consider domesticated. Will the rights of termites and other insects be soon to follow?

My only real advice is that if you ever have to cook lobsters… use a really big pot, make sure the boiling water is deep enough to cover the poor lobsters… and whatever you do— don’t put them into the water any way but head first. If you put them in tail-first— they make a whistling noise, which is steam escaping from their shell, and it makes it sound like they’re screaming… and they thrash around and splash boiling water all over the place— forcing you to hold the lid in place.

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