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Can We Prevent Election Fraud?

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I’ve been thinking about George W. Bush, and the election in 2004. Rumors, right after the election, raised issues on whether George W. Bush and GOP supporters stole the election. Here are some of the reasons I think we need to take a good look at voting in this country. I believe this country has the ability to conduct free and fair elections, which are not tainted by the possibility of widespread vote tampering, nepotism, and other questionable practices.

Wifi Gadgets

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There are two WiFi gadgets I carry in my laptop bag. Either would be useful by itself, but together they give me a flexibility that either alone would not.

Bleeding Edge Technology

The Economist has an enlightening article on the new RFID/biometric passports which are on George W. Bush’s agenda for the world. This is one area where being on the bleeding edge of the technology curve really doesn’t make much sense. Most of the major issues with remote readability, the inaccuracy of the current level of […]

Corporate Insecurity

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Do companies have a responsibility to protect personal information which either belongs to their customers, or is the source of their income?

Visiting Family

This past weekend I took a trip up to Boston to visit my family. I’m in the process of moving back to the Boston area, but I’m not quite there yet. I was out with the flu for two weeks earlier this year… and I figured I was done with colds and flu for the […]

No Better Things To Do?

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Animal activists for years have claimed that lobsters are in agony when being cooked, and that dropping one in a pot of boiling water is tantamount to torture.

Golf, in a form I might play

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Shotgun Golf will soon take America by storm. I see it as the first truly violent leisure sport. Millions will crave it.