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Enemy of my enemy…

I’ve been a Democrat for a long time. Just recently, I found myself agreeing with something I read… and realizing how strange it was that a life-long Democrat would be agreeing with something written by a staunch conservative, who worked for the Reagan administration. Dr. Paul Roberts was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the first Reagan presidency.

The article he wrote last month was talking about how the current Bush conservatives were in many ways both deluded and dangerous… much in the same way the brownshirts of pre-Nazi Germany were. I’m not saying that Republicans are Nazis, but we should be careful to see what they’re doing and how they justify it.

About this blog…

Welcome to my web log. My name is Dan Kim and this is part of my new home on the web. I’ve got links to the pages of the blogs and websites I regularly read listed here. I’ve started this site to let people know a little about me, my friends and family and some […]